Supporters of Ashton Gardens

SOAG exists to protect, preserve and enhance Ashton Gardens

The Ashton Institute before its removal


SOAG's 2002 Campaign

The Gathering Storm

The Chief Executive"Flowers not Flats" Logo makes his personal views known.

Frustrated by the actions of a Council that is destroying the character of our town, and one that fails to regard public opinion, we are instrumental in a meeting that calls for a parish council to be created for St Annes. 

The Council prepare an alternative lottery bid for the promenade gardens and plan to focus on this.


23 January 2002  

Although the Council itself has not formally expressed a view on the matter, their Chief Executive Officer, Mr. K. Lee, has made his own views known in an internal staff newsletter

Basically, he can't understand what all the fuss is about. He says the building has been empty for several years and no-one wants to use it. It will cost a lot of money to make it useable and he would rather spend that money "improving services to the public"

See the full text of his statement and your editor's response by following this link

30 June 2002  

The Supporters  of Ashton Gardens are joining with the Ashton Ward Residents Group, Lytham St Annes Civic Society, The Holiday Association of Lytham St Annes, St. Annes Chamber of Trade, St. Davids Community Action Group and St. Annes Community Arts Centre, to host a PUBLIC MEETING on the 18th JULY 2002 at 7.30 pm The United Reformed Church St Georges Road, St Annes. Whilst our so called "listening Council" hears developers and speculators, it has a bung in the ear turned toward the residents. That and the fact that good councillors for St Annes are drowned out by those from elsewhere means it's time for change! St Annes needs a voice.

22 July 2002 

The Supporters of Ashton Gardens joined with other local campaign groups and held a Public Meeting to allow residents to have a say. SOAG Chairman John Andrews referred to the fact that they had raised over 6000 for the gardens and that although they wanted to support the gardens, they were reluctantly re-cast in fighting mode because of the threat to the future of the Gardens

There was widespread public concern and calls for a Town Council to be formed to provide a voice specific to St Annes. A report of the meeting is available here.


The public meeting

24 October 2002

The Local paper (LSA Express) carries a front page proclaiming (or at least predicting) the demise of the Ashton Gardens Lottery bid.

Seems that the Council may have been holding up the (already approved) submission of the grant aid bid, so it could work up a competing (and maybe cheaper) one for the Promenade Gardens, and they say there won't be enough money for both schemes.

What more can be said about the running of a Council that abuses its residents in this way. It ignores petitions as irrelevant It oversees the erection of tacky plastic palm trees with dubious planning permission arrangements, and delegates decisions and funding of same to unelected commercially based bodies whose motive may well be said by some to be personal gain.
Supporters of Ashton Gardens 

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