Supporters of Ashton Gardens

SOAG exists to protect, preserve and enhance Ashton Gardens

The Ashton Institute before its removal


English Heritage


A quiet spot in Ashton Gardens English Heritage  advise the Government on important historic features.

The representative of English Heritage has said of development proposals for this area:

"Whilst I understand the difficulties being faced by St Anne's town centre and the importance you place upon this development by way of attracting capital investment, I am convinced that the regenerative potential of the site could be unlocked for the intended use without demolishing the Ashton Institute building".

They also said "In the present circumstances, English Heritage would be minded to repeat your consultant's own concerns in any advice we were asked to provide to the Heritage Lottery Fund in connection with your parks bid. I would be grateful if you would explain this to members of your Leisure and Property Committees as well as to your Planning Committee on 28th March. I understand that this will come as a disappointment, but the opportunity of a financial solution not only to the park's restoration but to the repair of structures within it, such as the Ashton Institute, makes the disposal of buildings and land within the park for development purposes to be prejudicial and premature to this process"Bowling Pavilions

Although we are saddened that English Heritage have not appear to have  seen fit to  support the listing of the Institute and other buildings, it was clear that they placed high regard on the building and the setting of the gardens.

Supporters of Ashton Gardens 

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