Supporters of Ashton Gardens

SOAG exists to protect, preserve and enhance Ashton Gardens


"This Council, in accepting the munificent offer of Lord Ashton, desires to place on record its sincere appreciation of his magnificent gift to the town, which will ever remain as a monument of his benevolence and consideration for the present and future inhabitants of St Annes on the Sea".

 St Annes Council's resolution 
on hearing of Lord Ashton's gift, 

Hall of Fame

"You can take it for granted that the ratepayers of the next generation would very seriously blame the present Council, and the ratepayers of the present generation, if they ever allowed the desecrating hand of the builder to fall upon St. George's Gardens." 

The Chairman of the Council
 Councillor J H Taylor

So Who sold it?

The decision to sell part of the Ashton Gardens, 
and thus remove this important building and aspect from them 
was made by the following Fylde Borough Councillors 
acting as the Executive Committee
29 September 2004.


John Coombes 

Scaffolding goes up


Roger Small 


Tim Ashton

Demolition begins 

Patricia Fieldhouse


Paul Hayhurst

The roof is removed 

Alfred Jealous N P


John Longstaff

The Institute is gone 

Elizabeth Oades


Paul Rigby



  Fylde's Planning Policy on Leisure Use

  • The Ashton Institute was a public indoor leisure building. 

  • The first words of the Council's Planning Policy on Indoor Leisure Facilities say: 

"The Council will seek to retain all existing indoor public and private sport and recreation facilities. 
Proposals for the redevelopment of such facilities will not be permitted."
Supporters of Ashton Gardens 

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