Supporters of Ashton Gardens

SOAG exists to protect, preserve and enhance Ashton Gardens

The Ashton Institute before its removal


The Garden History Society

The Garden History Society is responsible for overseeing the Grade II Registered status of the Gardens.

The Japanese style areaTheir response to the landscaping consultation  made a number of points including:

"PPG 15 is quite clear in its advice that 'planning authorities should protect registered parks and gardens in preparing development plans and in determining planning applications"

"With regard to maintenance. There is no service access to the rear of the development and while the landscaping is designed to be low maintenance some will inevitably be required. Similarly access will also be required for window cleaning etc. and again we would advise that this issue should be addressed by the applicants."

Their letter of response to the consultation on the outline application (they are Statutory Consultees) may have arrived after publication of the meeting's agenda, and was therefore not reported to the Planning Committee.

One of the rustic bridgesIt included the following observations on the proposals to demolish the institute:

"We therefore object strongly to its demolition, on the grounds that demolition would result in the loss of a building which makes a positive contribution to the character and appearance of the area"

The concluding paragraph is: "Finally we would urge that - having commendably recognised the huge damage of the supermarket scheme, and the prejudicial impact that would have on the possibility of grant aid for restoration of the park - the Council must now ensure that no "lesser" damage to the park is allowed which could prejudice its case as a worthy recipient of grant-aid for the park. We would therefore strongly advise against giving consent for demolition of one of the park's principal buildings"

Supporters of Ashton Gardens 

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